“We provide natural & sustainable resources for agricultural growth with emphasis and awareness on environmental impact.”


Biochar is an all-natural substance that’s perfect for natural farming. Naturally found in soils around the world and used in farming for more than 2500 years, it’s proven record of helping plants achieve the optimal production is a safe and natural process. Benefiting farmers and the environment, AG Biochar is a sustainable investment.


Sustainable AG Biochar is a powerfully simple tool that can 

1) fight global warming; 2) produce a soil enhancer that holds carbon and makes soil more fertile; 3) reduce agricultural waste; and 4) produce clean, renewable energy.

AG Biochar provides a unique opportunity to improve soil fertility for the long term using locally available materials. Traditionally, compost, manure and/ or agrochemicals are used alone or in combination. These materials, alone or in combination, are added at certain rates every year to soils, in order to realize benefits. Application rates of these materials can be reduced when nutrients are combined with AG Biochar.

AG Biochar remains in the soil, and single applications can provide benefits over many decades. Farmers can also receive an energy yield when converting natural residues into AG Biochar by capturing energy given off in the AG Biochar production process. In both industrialized and developing countries, soil loss and degradation is occurring at unprecedented rates, with profound consequences for soil ecosystem properties. In many regions, loss in soil productivity occurs despite intensive use of agrochemicals, concurrent with adverse environmental impacts on soil and water resources. AG Biochar can play a major role in expanding options for sustainable soil management by improving upon existing best management practices, not only to improve soil productivity but also to decrease nutrient loss through leaching by percolating water.

How AG Biochar is Different From Other Biochar or Activated Carbon?  wash-hands

AG Biochar is Agricultural Grade Biochar made specifically for use in agriculture.  Some biochar is made as a byproduct of making Biofuel and can be harmful if used on plants or animals.

How to know the difference? Easy test is take some in your hands AG Biochar will rinse clean with just water, biofuel biochar will have oils in it requiring soap to clean it from your hands.