A New Feed Supplement which can increase milk & meat production (and deliver many health benefits).

Humankind has used charcoal for thousands of years as an aid digestion, and as an antidote to poisons.

There are very sound reasons why you should use AG GREENE FEED™ to protect your investment and improve the health of your cattle and sheep.


AG GREENE FEED™ equal to 0.6% of feed weight as a grit supplement has been shown to improve growth in young animals by an average of 17%.

As shown above, should be fed in small amounts continually since, not only does it promote healthy and faster growth, it also promotes excellent health in all animals.


Cattle are designed by nature to ruminate, to chew their food. The reason for this is that rumination produces large quantities of saliva which is highly alkaline. Mixed and chewed into the food this alkaline saliva acts to neutralize the acids produced by the carbohydrates and protein in the food and helps the animal to digest its food better.


Cattle are designed by nature to ruminate, to chew their food. The reason for this is that rumination produces large quantities of saliva which is highly alkaline. Mixed and chewed into the food this alkaline saliva acts to neutralize the acids produced by the carbohydrates and protein in the food and helps the animal to digest its food better.

The acid/alkaline balance in the animal’s rumen/stomach operates best at a pH of 6.2 to 6.8 and at this level the rumen functions at its best, delivering peak milk production, more butterfat and a better conversion rate of feed to meat. Unfortunately the balance is disturbed when animals are fed on high starch and high protein diets which alter the pH of the rumen making it more acidic.

This reduces dietary efficiency, causing milk and meat production to decrease. The simplest and most cost effective way of dealing with this is to add regular small quantities of AG GREENE FEED™ to the animal’s feed. AG GREENE FEED™ adsorbs toxins and gases from the animal’s system, thus helping to redress the acid/alkaline balance and restoring full digestive function. AG GREENE FEED™ also adsorbs methane, and the energy that this process releases back into the digestive system is capable of significantly increasing milk, butterfat and meat yield. This reduction in methane can significantly improve your carbon footprint. The regular addition of AG GREENE FEED™ to feedstock increases digestive efficiency, delivering better health and better profits!

You can expect to get more milk and much better growth rates when you use AG GREENE FEED™ !



The quality of semen produced by bulls and rams, also the quality of colostrum passed down from dam to foal, cow to calf, sheep to lamb, can be improved by the regular addition of AG GREENE FEED™ to the creature’s diet. The reason for this is that charcoal removes toxic substances called secondary compounds which exist in some plants as a defense mechanism against hungry herbivores. Charcoal also helps remove such minute traces of pesticide residues, which can accumulate in feed stuff and further yet, AG GREENE FEED™ can remove the oestrogens and similar hormone type products which are increasingly finding their way into ground water.

By removing these toxins from the animal’s digestive system, AG GREENE FEED™ enables both stronger sexual identity (by the adsorption of hormones and hormone mimics such as those which are used in the plastics industry) which can make for a stronger more vigorous genetic inheritance.

While toxic phenols adhere to AG GREENE FEED™ , proteins do not, and this accounts for the fact that birth rates and population densities of creatures in the wild are significantly higher where charcoal is found and eaten in conjunction with such plants.

Simply put, if you add AG GREENE FEED™ regularly to your animal’s diet, you are helping to strengthen not only their immune system, which then has less toxins to deal with, but also their breeding potential when it does not have to contend with the intake of hormones and hormone disrupters from its environment.

Any pollutants building up and cascading down the generations can have health and sometimes mutagenic effects. Therefore it is wise to filter these out using AG GREENE FEED™ wherever possible.


Less Risk from Environmental Toxins

According to the USDA, Food Standards Agency (pesticide residue minimization, crop guide, serials authored by Dr. Peter Berry ADAS), and (National Statistics Pesticide Usage Survey Reports), the buildup of toxins in the food chain is a cause for concern. Many of these toxins are the result of modern farming practice where the treatment of crops with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, growth regulators, fungicides and etc. are considered to be necessary functions in order to maximize crop production. Traces of these complex chemical toxins inevitably find their way into animal feed and albeit the quantities are microscopic, they accumulate in the systems of mammals where they can build up to challenge their immune system.

During the relatively short life-cycle of modern cattle and sheep, it’s doubtful if these residues can build up to the point where they can become the cause of illness. However, it’s clear that by placing an ever growing challenge on the animal’s immune system they weaken it to the point where it is less able to contend with the ever increasing number of health challenges that we face today.

An animal with a reduced immune system, while looking healthy on the outside, can be much more susceptible to the waves of illness which regularly pass through the national herd and against which our technology becomes ever less effective. This increased susceptibility to illness is costly in terms both of veterinary bills and the routine addition of relatively expensive antibiotics into animal feed, also in terms of vaccination programs.



AG GREENE FEED™ has the effect of rebalancing the acid/alkaline balance of the animals system which helps re-establish full good health. The result is better digestion, better energy conversion and much better yields of milk, butterfat and meat which are of a higher quality! Thereafter the animal has the potential to live longer because, according to research, a reduction in toxic pressure on its immune system can increase its life expectancy.

A good deal of scientific research has been done in this area and test subjects have included humans, rabbits, rats, cattle, pigs, goats and sheep, also horses. All the research shows that the absorption capability of active charcoal is not confined within a particular species, in other words it’s not species specific, but will take out or adsorb a toxin from whatever environment it is present within.


By removing these toxins Happy Tummy reduces the challenge that they could otherwise present to the animal’s immune system.

Human kind have used this kind of charcoal for thousands of years as an antidote to poison and an aid to digestion and we have adapted this technology for use with our animals. This is an easy to apply technology which simply requires that you mix measured amounts of AG GREENE FEED™ into your animal’s feed and the end result is well worth the effort since it can deliver not only a much healthier animal with better resistance to illness, but also better milk, better beef and better semen.





AG GREENE FEED™ for really healthy ruminants.


AG GREENE FEED™ charcoal has, of itself, no medicinal properties since it is completely inert and indigestible; it is not a medicine and simply acts to bind toxins to itself and pass them out of the system.

This is an explanation of the term absorption. Placed here to dispel any notion that charcoal has any medical function. Adsorption is the binding of a chemical, virus, bacteria or prion, by intermolecular attraction, to a solid material such as active charcoal. This removes the said contaminant from the system and therefore denies it the ability to enter into chemical reactions in the system. Active charcoal then is a superb filter which of itself has no medicinal properties. Nor is it medicinal by function since once it has reached its adsorption capacity, it ceases to function. Also, it is chemically inert. It takes things out rather than reacting with them and is therefore passive. The main factor which works in favor of active charcoal as a super filter is its vast surface area. Because of the way it is structured (i.e. full of pores and crevices) a 1cm cube of active charcoal has an available surface area equal to about four tennis courts. Toxins can bind to all of this surface area so a little AG GREENE FEED™ goes a long way in protecting your animals from accidental drug combinations and/or the buildup of exogenous or endogenous toxins.


Dairy cows- ½ Cup per head mixed into the feed daily

Beef Cattle- ¼ Cup per head mixed into the feed daily.

Sheep, Goats, Alpaca, Camelids- 1/8 to ¼ Cup per head mixed into feed daily depending on size of animal.

*Only available in California