Tomato Biochar

AG Biochar is beneficial as a soil amendment as numerous studies have shown an improvement in crop production, while reducing the amount of water and fertilizer normally applied.  Capable of capturing impurities and potentially harmful chemicals, AG Biochar recycles biomass and bio-waste into life giving nutrients for plants to flourish.



Soil benefits:

  • Enhanced plant growth
  • Suppressed methane emissions
  • Reduced nitrous oxide emissions (estimate 50%)
  • Reduced fertilizer requirement (estimate 20%)
  • Reduced leaching of nutrients
  • Stored carbon in a long term stable sink
  • Reduced soil acidity: raises soil pH
  • Reduced aluminum toxicity
  • Increased soil aggregation due to increased fungal hyphae
  • Improved soil water handling characteristics
  • Increased soil levels of available Ca, Mg, P, and K
  • Increased soil microbial respiration
  • Increased soil microbial biomass Stimulated symbiotic nitrogen fixation in legumes
  • Increased cation exchange capacity