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Cattle are designed by nature to ruminate, to chew their food. The reason for this is that rumination produces large quantities of saliva which is highly alkaline. Mixed and chewed into the food this alkaline saliva acts to neutralize the acids produced by the carbohydrates and protein in the food and helps the animal to digest its food better.

green feed

The acid/alkaline balance in the animal’s rumen/stomach operates best at a pH of 6.8 and at this level the rumen functions at its best, delivering peak milk production, more butterfat and a better conversion rate of feed to meat. Unfortunately, the balance is disturbed when animals are fed on high starch and high protein diets which alter the pH of the rumen making it more acidic.

This reduces dietary efficiency, causing milk and meat production to decrease. The simplest and most cost-effective way of dealing with this is to add regular small quantities of AG GREENE FEED™ to the animal’s feed. AG GREENE FEED™ adsorbs toxins and gases from the animal’s system, thus helping to redress the acid/alkaline balance and restoring full digestive function. AG GREENE FEED™ also adsorbs methane, and the energy that this process releases back into the digestive system is capable of significantly increasing milk, butterfat and meat yield. This reduction in methane can significantly improve your carbon footprint. The regular addition of AG GREENE FEED™ to feedstock increases digestive efficiency, delivering better health and better profits!

AG GREENE FEED™ charcoal also helps reduce scouring amongst calves. Since it has the ability to adsorb over 4,000 known toxins, it has proved to be most effective in instances of aflatoxin poisoning.


green feed

AG GREENE FEED™ charcoal improves an animal’s digestion by reducing the level of toxins in their bloodstream. When added to sheep’s feed, particularly pre-lambing or in the run-up to a show, it delivers striking benefits. Better hoof condition, better wool, more rapid healing of any wounds, injuries or post-operative conditions that the animal might sustain. By rendering the rumen more alkaline, AG GREENE FEED™ also helps keep the sheep free of parasites.

There is strong evidence to suggest that the addition of AG GREENE FEED™ to animal’s diet helps increase fertility in a flock (this is probably due to its ability to adsorb and remove over 4,000 toxins from the animal’s system).