The hen’s digestive system.

The hen’s digestive system consists of the crop, the stomach, the gizzard and the intestines.

The crop is a bag at the base of the throat in the food pipe which bulges noticeably after feeding. It is in the crop that the first stage of the food softening takes place by the action of saliva.

The gizzard is a dark red organ with strong muscular walls which acts in a similar way to the stomach, churning the food up into a mush to get it ready for the action of the intestines.Insoluble grit of flint or granite is retained in the gizzard and, aided by the muscular action of the gizzard walls, helps to grind up the food. This grinding process can take place without any grit being present chicken1but not very effectively.  This means that the hen is not making the fullest use of the food eaten, this is where AG BIOCHAR RAW™ can help. AG BIOCHAR RAW™ is derived from wood/nut shells and has a gritty granular structure.  When ingested dry and offered as a supplement to grit, it helps considerably with the grinding process. While it will not completely replace grit in a hen’s diet, it contributes significantly to the digestive process which improves dramatically when AG BIOCHAR RAW™ is used.

Good feeding is vital to the health and productivity of poultry.  It is also is the biggest recurring expense in keeping poultry. Commercially, the food represents about 70% of the total production costs. Correct feeding means the difference between a healthy hen and a sickly hen; the difference between a good layer and a poor layer; the difference between profit and loss.


Healthy growth in animals

AG BIOCHAR RAW™ equal to 0.6% of feed weight as a grit supplement has been shown to improve growth in young animals by an average of 17%.  Similar results were confirmed by Kana (2010) and Ruttanvut (2009) for ducks and broilers.

As shown above, should be fed in small amounts continually since, not only does it promote healthy and faster growth, it also promotes excellent health in all animals.



Better food conversion.

A reduction of toxins in the bird’s stomach and intestines means that the digestive system can work at its optimum. The result is a better food conversion rate and a concomitant increase in body weight.

Healthier hens.

Less toxins in a bird’s system means less challenges to its immune system which can therefore operate more efficiently. The result is a healthier flock and healthier profits.


Because AG BIOCHAR RAW™ can pack molecules of ammonia gas into its crevices, it can attract and hold 80 quarts of ammonia gas per 1 quart of AG BIOCHAR RAW™. This ability to remove ammonia is very important both to egg production and for the overall health of the bird.

The ammonia packing capacity of AG BIOCHAR RAW™ to remove ammonia is also of significant importance in broiler production.

Ammonia depresses feed intake and therefore egg weight. It can also inflame the wind pipe (trachea) in the hens and make them more susceptible to diseases such as infectious bronchitis. Therefore, even though the hens will eat less when AG BIOCHAR RAW™ is offered as a grit supplement, their feathering should be better, their egg weight should increase by up to about 0.5 gram and they are likely to be healthier.

Drier droppings.

Damp droppings can be a big problem with Broiler hens as ammonia levels rise and foot damage increases. AG BIOCHAR RAW™ is very good at adsorbing toxins, CO2 and ammonia from the bird’s system.  AG BIOCHAR RAW™ acts like a selective toxin sponge and this significantly dries out the droppings.

Drier droppings mean:-

  1. Easier Cleaning
  2. Less Infection
  3. Less Foot Damage
  4. Less Worm problems
  5. Reduction in smell
  6. Reduction in fly numbers in poultry units.

AG BIOCHAR RAW™ is the optimum grit supplement for both free-range, battery and broiler chickens since it delivers a wide range of health and economic benefits. It can be used with broilers, layers, quails, ducks and turkeys – indeed all poultry benefit from its use.



By adsorbing toxins from the hen’s stomach and capturing ammonia, AG BIOCHAR RAW™ can deliver the following benefits:-

  1. Reduce feet burns (pododermatitis)
  2. Reduce skin burns
  3. Reduce breast burn
  4. Reduce gut disease (coccidiosis)
  5. Digest phosphate better which can reduce the environmental impact as hens excrete less phosphate in their droppings.
  6. Makes for drier litter, reduced ammonia, reduced CO2, which improves bird performance.
  7. Alters the structure of waste, making it into a more valuable fertilizer. This is because AG BIOCHAR RAW™ can beneficially affect soil structure by providing a resource for the endomycorrhizal fungi which encourages the activity of the soil biota. This is of considerable benefit in Nitrate Vulnerable Zones.
  8. Enables drier, more carbon rich waste to burn more readily in biomass boilers when used to generate green energy. In this role it can replace wood chip as fuel enabling massive savings in energy costs.
  9. The reduction in CO2 and methane brought about by using AG BIOCHAR RAW™ has a very beneficial effect on the environment at a time when America has set challenging emissions goals.
  10. Being a natural product to which chicken, originally jungle fowl, are habituated, biochar is a natural part of every creature’s environment and is used abundantly by creatures in the wild to reduce the effect of toxins in their diet.


1 Cup per 100 lb. bag of feed daily as a grit supplement


NOTE: AG BIOCHAR RAW™ charcoal has, of itself, no medicinal properties since it is completely inert and indigestible; it is not a medicine and simply acts to bind toxins to itself and pass them out of the system.



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